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Bread Allergy

by Allergy Guy

Talking about a bread allergy is not really accurate. Bread is made of a variety of ingredients. If you are “allergic to bread” then you are surely allergic to other foods made up of some of the same ingredients.

Also, consider that bread is made of flour (ignoring the type of flour for now) and realize that by grinding the grain into tiny particles, the food oxidizes, making it rather toxic to your body.

Also, bread is so easy to eat, so it is easy to become lazy with meals and snacks, eating far too much bread, resulting in far too much carbohydrate intake.

If you do have a “bread allergy“, you are most likely, allergic to one or more of the following:

It may also be that eating white bread causes a spike in your blood sugar, causing you to feel tired. This is not an allergy at all.

Some breads have specific ingredients that may be a problem for you. This means that if you eat certain types of bread, and they have something in them that makes you sick, you may tie your symptoms to the bread, even though it is a particular type of bread with a particular ingredient in it that you can’t tolerate. Examples include:

Check the ingredients of the bread you eat to look for clues.

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1 Doug B March 4, 2012 at 18:02

Wow! That was a great testimonial to dropping bread. I have been dealing with stomach problems for a few years now. I recently decided it must be a stomach ulcer, because I feel pressure and pain immediately after eating the wrong things, however I realized I was also eating bread at least a couple of times a day, and starting yesterday I am fasting bread. I really don’t know if that will help but I am at wits end so I am willing to try anything at this point, just to feel “normal”.
Be Blessed, Doug


2 Christina September 4, 2009 at 01:41


I am at a point where I feel i am finally understanding my body. I have never been tested for my allergies. I believed i had simple allergies like everyone else and popped a benadryl or whatever when my head felt the size of a building. I realized however i have many a food allergy or better yet intolerance. I realized i was thin as a twig my whole life and was told by a gastroenterologist that i had not a full blown lactose intolerance but a fat intolerance. I always felt bloated after milk, and was ridding myself of important nutrients running to the bathroom. I had numerous female problems and recurrent yeast infections. Why no gyno ever mentioned that it might be a symptom of a yeast allergy i do not know. I went on a bread fast one week and realized i did not need coffee in the morning to feel alert. I felt more awake and less tired. I was eating bread for all three meals! No matter how much i exercised or ate well, (bread was never left out of course), i never felt energized. Now i take b supplements and eat crackers (yeast-free) instead of bread, exercise and in 3 months no female prob.’s, yeast infections, and my energy is increasing. I also am unable to drink whole milk and eat ice cream but I can drink organic 2%. I am heavier than ever. Now to survive when the weather changes……ugh Christine


3 admin September 4, 2009 at 10:14

Great story

Thanks for your story Christine.

I’m sure others will find it very inspiring and motivating.

To me, the lesson is: give up something that seems big (bread) and you will find out that it is 1) small, and 2) holding you back in a big way.

Drop the bread and move ahead!

To your health!



4 John October 14, 2011 at 17:08

Wow, I just read this and wish I had found it earlier. My doctor pretty much acted like he didn’t have a clue about the problems I was having and told me to write down what foods affected me the most. I realized that bread was what was causing me the most frequent problems. I started looking into gluten free foods and still had problems eating them. I thought maybe it was yeast and looked for yeast free foods and still had problems. I try now to avoid bread, but sometimes I just can’t help and eat bread and then I pay for it. I think this post has convinced me to try going bread free for a while. Thanks.


5 Allergy Guy October 14, 2011 at 17:49

Hi John,

If your symptoms are severe enough and you really notice a difference when you stop eating bread, over time you will probably learn to avoid it always, that’s what happened to me, first with wheat, and now with gluten.


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