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Gluten Free Food at the Local Butcher

by Allergy Guy

Gluten free food is appearing everywhere to cater to gluten allergy and celiac disease.

My local butcher has started carrying gluten-free baking which they make on the premises.  They also have some wheat products, so it is hard to be sure that they do everything above-board in their kitchen.  They probably do but one can’t be sure.  I don’t give them 100% for customer service or honesty in various subtle ways, so I can’t really be sure about their gluten free food either.

I do appreciate the effort.  It just goes to show how wide spread gluten allergy and celiac is, and how many people are noticing gluten allergy symptoms.  The market is finally filling the need, as awareness grows.

In this case, the gluten free baking is mostly made with quinoa flour.  It seems that this store has found their gluten free ‘technology’ and are sticking with that.

I hope this trend towards more small businesses catering to the gluten free diet continues.  It raises awareness, both among those who think they might have a gluten allergy or celiac disease, and amongst the doubters (if there still are any out there) who don’t believe others might suffer from this problem.

It also makes it a lot more convenient for those with gluten allergy symptoms and those who which to support them to deal with a gluten free diet.

What gluten free food have you discovered at local shops?

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