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Millet is range of gluten free grains. It can be included in a gluten free diet although it is less popular than other alternatives such as rice.

There are many varieties of millet. The type most found in North American food stores is Proso millet. There are many other varieties of millet, mostly grown in Africa, China and India, including finger, pearl, foxtail and Job’s tears millets. Some people use the word millet to mean anything that is not one of the main cereal crops of wheat, barely, rye, oats, rice, but this is not the general use of the word.

Millet can be used in place of rice although it has a somewhat different consistency and taste. Millet porridge is a traditional food in Russian, German, and Chinese cuisines.

Millet is alkaline-forming, which helps balance the majority of foods most people consume which are acid-forming. It also has antioxidants and is high in magnesium.

Millet is brewed into a kind of beer in various parts of the world including parts of Africa and Taiwan. Some millet-based beers have been marketed as gluten-free alternatives to wheat or barely beer in Western countries.

Panicin is the prolamine gluten protein in millet. Because this type of gluten does not activate celiac disease, it is considered gluten-free.

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