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Gluten-Free Barbeque

by Allergy Guy

A gluten-free barbecue – its easier than many situations.

I am just about to head out to my friend’s place for a BBQ.  He’s supplying the meat and the condiments.  I assume that includes buns as well, which will of course be made with wheat.  This just won’t do.

If I’m lucky, his girlfriend will remember my gluten allergy and remember to bring gluten-free buns, but I’m not counting on it.

So I’m bringing four slices of gluten-free bread.  I’m also bringing cassava chips – a nice change from corn chips, and some gluten-free cookies.

I’ll be avoiding most of the condiments.  Catsup can have gluten added to it, without it being listed on the ingredients.  I’ll have to find out more about that before I try catsup again.  Prepared mustard can also be laced with wheat, so I’ll be avoiding that too.

It will be fun, tasty and safe, although I will be watching the grill carefully to make sure the buns are kept well apart from the meat!

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