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Books: Promoting Health

by Allergy Guy

These books are about promoting general health. While they do not deal with allergies directly, the healthier you are, the better able to deal with allergies and allergy symptoms.



  • Free to Fly
  • Vitamin Bible


Detoxification and Healing: The Key to Optimal Health by Sidney MacDonald Baker



Book Description 

Detoxification promotes wellness by ridding the body of poisons that can lead to a host of health problems ranging from fatigue and depression to cancer and diabetes. This revised edition of the popular nutrition-based health guide presents new advice and up-to-date information on detoxification and healing.

In clear language, the author explains body chemistry, how detoxification works, and why it is so important. He discusses new medications, vitamin and mineral supplements, delayed food allergies, the dangers of mercury and aluminum poisoning, and much more.





Free to Fly: A Journey Toward Wellness, Second Edition by Judit Rajhathy



Book Description
With over 33,000 copies of the first edition sold in Canada alone, Free to Fly is a wonderful success story: a book on holistic health with a focus on natural and complementary approaches to healing; health issues at school, in the workplace and in your home; nutrition; and taking responsibility for your own health! It’s a story of one family’s search for wellness and was written in the narrative to provide readers with complex information in an extremely readable, very enjoyable and understandable form. The main thesis is what you eat, drink and breathe on a daily basis has a profound impact on the quality of your health – and consequently your life! If you or your child suffer from asthma, ADD, hyperactivity, aggression or depression, mood swings, memory loss, PMS or prostatitis, bowel or bladder problems, fatigue, nausea, migraines, allergies, yeast or ear infections, acne, eczema or arthritis – then this is the book for you! It was on several regional best-seller lists before being released nationally, becoming a Canadian Best-Seller just two months later. Free to Fly is a book that can, and does, make profound and positive changes in people’s lives. The Revised 2nd edition, ©2003 contains new information on the testing and successful treatment of allergies and other underlying conditions which are the cause of much ill-health in our society today as well as all updated resources. “It is the first book you should read if you wish to improve the health of your family . . . as well as the learning, attention and behaviour of children.” Found in the Complementary Health section of many fine bookstores. 

About the Author
Judit Rajhathy is a registered nutritional consultant (RNCP), NAET practitioner and environmental health educator in private practice in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, specializing in food and environmental sensitivities. She also appears regularly on television and radio, and lectures extensively on environmental health throughout school systems, to corporate and service organizations, as well as to the public at large. Her work with schools, PTAs and teacher associations have earned her respect and praise from coast to coast. Ms. Rajhathy is also a health writer and her articles appear on a regular basis in several regional and national magazines – and can be read on the publisher’s website. She has also produced and hosted two highly successful television series on holistic health. Always willing to stand up publicly for her beliefs, Judit initiated Citizens for Choice in Health Care and Dartmouth Citizens Against Incineration, both highly successful undertakings which improved the lives of many Nova Scotians. She is currently the president of New Directions in Health, a company dedicated to bringing up-to-date information on holistic health as well as complementary health services and health testing to the public.

Although Judit writes and lectures extensively in the area of environmental and nutritional health, the release of her first full-length book, Free to Fly: a journey toward wellness, has added thousands to the list of those been helped by her work. Dr. William Crook, author of the million plus best-seller The Yeast Connection, calls it a “A superb book!” The first edition became a Canadian Best-Seller just three months after its national release. Free to Fly is the number one resource book in this field today for families, educators and others who want to improve their home and work environments. She also released two live digital recordings dealing with children’s health and adult energy issues,simply titled, Judit Rajhathy Live!




Vitamin Bible


Earl Mindell’s 25th Anniversary Edition (Mass Market Paperback)



Thoroughly revised and expanded, an up-to-date guide to vitamins, minerals, herbs, and good nutrition includes helpful advice on how to maximize the effectiveness of supplements, how to create a personalized dietary regime, natural alternatives to popular medications, and much more.



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