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Was it an Egg Allergy?

by Allergy Guy


A few years ago, I really got a taste for bacon and eggs. I’d not had bacon and eggs for a very long time, but once I had this for breakfast a few times, I was hooked.

I think I had bacon and eggs with polenta for breakfast every morning for about six months. But then the trouble started. I won’t describe the symptoms in detail, let’s just say I wasn’t digesting well.

So that was it, every time I had even one egg, I had to make sure I was fairly close to a bathroom. Not fun, but I find eggs easy to cut from my diet. Boring at times, but easy.

I studiously avoided eggs for several years. Then I had a bit of egg sometimes, with no adverse affects.

Now I eat a normal portion of one or two eggs, but I don’t do it often.

Was it an egg allergy? Probably. It fits one description of delayed-reaction food allergy. And the allergy symptoms disappeared by temporary eliminating the food from my diet.

Yes, there is hope after all!

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