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Canker Sores And Hydrogenated Oils

by Allergy Guy

Hydrogenated oils may cause or trigger canker sores for some people, as explained here.

Jim V. left a comment on the site about his experience with canker sores and his discovery of the oil connection:

For years I ate peanut butter like it was the bread of life and suffered miserably from mouth ulcers and bleeding from the colon at one time.

Out of trial and error I stopped eating peanut butter that is only made with hydrogenated oils and Whalah! the mouth ulcers stopped.

I can still eat peanut butter but it has to be organic or just made out of peanuts. I have since just about eliminated all the hydrogenated oils from my diet and I feel much much better.

Be careful what kind of fuel you put into the engine ….
Hope this helps
Jim V.

What is your experience with canker sores?  Have you noticed a connection with hydrogenated oil or peanut butter with oil added?  Please leave a comment and share your experiences.

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1 Sonia July 8, 2013 at 01:01

Thanks so much for differentiating store bought with added oils compared to home made or pure peanut butter.


2 fred November 29, 2011 at 05:17

Thanks for the post. I have also suspected such a link. Those of us that suffer many years from canker sores know there is a correlation between feeling weak and a canker sore outbreak. However what’s more important is the likelihood that hydrogenated oils (and possibly other oils) interferring with the ability of cells to be nourished (since such oils block cell membrane uptake of nutrients) may be the underlying cause for the fatigue and immune system breakdown precipitating the onset of the cankersore outbreak.


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