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Commenting Policy

by Allergy Guy

Comments are more than welcome on this website!

When you fill in the URL field for a comment, visitors can click directly onto your site just like any blog.

Comments that are of interest to other visitors are more than welcome. Add your point of view, or additional information. Feel free to criticize the content on this site, as long as it is constructive and not personal. Constructive criticism will help improve the site and the content on it.

Feel free to take a contrarian view and elicit debate. Or to support what you read and like (on or off this site).

There are, however, certain types of comments I will not approve:

  1. Spam (obviously)
  2. Anything that looks like spam (in other words, I may mistakenly delete comments on occasion. Sorry!)
  3. Comments for the sake of a link
  4. Comments like “nice site” will be deleted. If you truly want to complement me on the site, leave the URL field blank!

  5. Comments that are unrelated to the site subject (this site covers a lot: broadly any kind of allergy, and general health)
  6. Anything that diminishes other people who have left comments
  7. Be respectful, even if you disagree with content on the site, or with someone else’s comment. You can get away with more in criticising this site than other commenters, but at all times be respectful.

  8. Links to sites I have a serious problem with
  9. Fill in the email field but do not add your email to the body of your comment
  10. For example, sites with nothing but ads, sites selling products that I have a serious problem with, sites with any of the usual politically incorrect values. If I have a small problem with the site, I will probably let the link stand but add a comment with my opinion about the site.

In general, anything reasonable is acceptable. Anything unreasonable, or purely self-serving is not.

You can always contact me privately via the contact page if you don’t see your comment appear and want to know why.

PS Considering the fact that your website probably does not provide commenters with any page rank benefit, I would appreciate a link from your site to mine, but this is by no means necessary or expected.

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