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Allergy Website Upgrade

by Allergy Guy

Allergy details has just been installed on new software, as of 10 April 2010.

The new software (WordPress) is should give you, as a visitor, a much better experience as you read about articles relating to allergies, gluten free diet, celiac disease and other health-related subjects.WordPress is also easier for me to use, which means that you will benefit from more articles and better, more easily accessible information.  I’ll soon add additional features, not possible with the old system, to make it easier for you to follow and respond to specific discussions on the website.

There are a few bumps along the way.  Actually, it took nearly a month of coding and testing before I could transfer the site from the old system to the new.

There are still a few hickups.  The transition was not perfect, and many of the links no longer connect to the right articles.  I’m fixing this over time so please bear with me and be patient with these irritations.

Also, the new software puts a heavier load on the server.  Due to the high volume on this site, the website is not as responsive as it should be.

This speed problem too will be fixed.  I’ll soon be upgrading to a new server.

Welcome to the new website and please continue to learn from the content here, so you can better manage your allergies and your health.

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1 Harry April 17, 2010 at 13:46

Just finished submitting a comment on salt/sodium intolerance to add to other comments on the same thread. Now I can’t find the discussion group on your site. How do I navigate back to the topic of salt sensitivity or intolerance?



2 admin April 17, 2010 at 15:42

Hi there Hal,

This site is not set up with discussion groups exactly. Each article on the site allows visitors to leave comments, and often that turns into a kind of discussion group, which is great. So for now, we’ll call that a discussion group, because that’s basically what you mean by the list of comments after each article.

To find the discussion group you are interested in, you have to find the article you made the comments under, in this case the article on salt.


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