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Mold Allergy Information Expanding

by Allergy Guy

The mold section is starting to expand. There is now a better definition of mold. There will soon be more about mold and food, and how mold affects indoor air quality.

A section on how to reduce mold in the home and other enclosed spaces is also planned.

All this to help you manage your mold allergy and stay healthy!

Other subjects that we plan to cover in the future:

  • Household mold
  • Mold inspection
  • Mold removal, mold clean up
  • Mold testing
  • Toxic mold, toxic mold testing
  • Black mold, black mold removal
  • How to get rid of mold
  • Mold prevention

… and much more, so stay tuned!

Now is a good time request information about mold. This will help guide what content relating to mold is written and posted first. Leave a comment attached to this article, or send a message using the contact form.

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1 Deziray February 8, 2013 at 04:25

I noticed I was breaking out with hives all over my body. They itched, were red, inflamed, and scally. I also noticed I had flu like symptoms. Including, stuffy nose, sneezing, nasel congestion eyes burning, including eye lids, sore throat, swollen eyes, swollen glands, headaches and black outs. I felt that it was something in my apt that was making me ill so I checked my a.c filter and noticed a black substance. Black mold. I immediatley left my new apt. My symptoms are slowly very slowly getting better. Should I seek medical attention? I’m also expecting a child. How can I be sure the mold was removed properly?


2 Allergy Guy February 13, 2013 at 18:12

It sounds like you found the cause. I suggest that if you feel completely better, then consider the problem solved. But if you have doubts, first check for mold in other areas that might get damp (like in the bathroom, under the kitchen sink etc.) and see if you can find more mold. As for medical attention, if you are no longer sick, why would you feel a need to see a doctor?


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