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Milk – Hidden Sources

by Guest Writer

By Karen Blue
Everything from egg substitute to artificial sweeteners can contain milk. Some artificial sweeteners are made with milk components that may or may not cause a reaction, as the amount of milk protein is so small.

Even at the dentist Prospec MI brand of fluoride has the milk protein in it. The dentist should also look out for prescription strength Recaladent in it. With any medical problem let your dentist know and have the allergies noted on your chart. Dairy protein may be in chewing gum, sometimes under the name recaldent, look out for packages that say “whitening”, these are more likely to have milk protein. Similarly in tooth paste, mention of “whitening” is a clue the toothpaste might have milk protein. Contact the manufacturer or choose a different tooth paste.

Most Soya based cheese has milk protein in it, containing casein (a milk protein) is usually in ingredient lists.

Many drugs over the counter and prescription have Lactose and or milk Protein. The pharmacist can look in the physician’s Desk Reference and tell you if your prescription is safe, however even this is not always full proof. Street drugs (bad idea any way), can have lactose in them.

Dog and cat food, can contain milk protein. A person with contact reactions might handle, or a child might eat, pet food or touch kitty litter. Some bird seed mixes contain small amounts of milk protein. Talk to your vet or contact pet food manufactures.
Some disposable gloves have milk protein in them, most however contain cornstarch. If your very sensitive, and have contact reactions this powder in side some gloves may be a problem.

Caramel, caramel colouring and caramel extract can be made with milk protein. Caramel colouring can be used in some vegetarian dishes to give product the colour of meat. Caramel colouring can be found in Soya sauce, some dark colas, and artificial maple syrup, not all caramel is made from milk.

Karen Blue runs the avoiding milk protein website.
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