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Latex Allergies and Carpets

by Allergy Guy

Have you ever wondered if your carpets are making you sick?

The rubber underlay found under most carpets can be a source of allergens if you are allergic to latex.

You may think that since the rubber is under the carpet, it is well away from you, and therefore should not be a problem. This may be true when the underlay is new, but over time, as it breaks down, it will release latex dust which can find its way into the air.

The solution to the carpet underlay problem is to use an underlay made of needle punched fabric rather than rubber.

For another reason carpets can make you sick, see new carpet illness

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1 Deborah September 8, 2016 at 13:22

My feet burn very badly when I walk on certain carpets, but not all. Could this be a latex allergy? I’ve noticed if I have my shoes off in the car, my feet start burning then as well.


2 andrea February 9, 2012 at 17:52

my entire family is itching constantly…my son started first 7 months ago. was told by the Dermatoligist that it was faticulitos…not contagious. I find it hard to beleive we all just have dry skin. I have had him biopsyed to rule out anything else…it came back as foliculitos. He had his hair dyed in the last 7 months twice…with his sports teams. I am wondering if it could be that or we also have new carpet in our family rooms. We are all itchy…bugs are ruled out. Help.


3 Mary d March 25, 2009 at 16:12

How do I know if my carpet has Latex

How do I know if my new carpets are making me sick? And if they have latex that is making me ill. They were installed new September 2008, then around late October / November 2008 I started symptoms of lethargy, drowsiness, loss of alertness and concentration, as well as coordination. These symptoms peak when I am at home. They lessen when the windows are open or if I am away from home for two to three days. My family physician has taken MRI’s. EEG’s and blood test with no significant results reported. Where do I go from here? The only thing new in my home is the wall to wall carpets. The previous carpets were defective and replaced September 2008. I live in the Midwest and my home was not closed up daily until late October and into November, December, January, February. Now March is here and when the windows are open I feel so much better. Can someone help me on finding an answer?


4 admin March 25, 2009 at 21:32

Carpets the likely cause

Hi Mary,

New carpets are a well-known cause of environmental illness.

I have written a short article about new carpet illness to give you a few quick ideas I thought of that might help you out.

I’ll see if I can get more info for you.

Mean while, you may want to sign up for the Allergy Newsletter to get more information about allergies and health. When I get more info on carpets, I’ll add it to the newsletter as well.

Best of luck. Do what you can to protect yourself. I don’t want to scare you but you have to know: new carpets can seriously destroy your health. Don’t take your problems lightly, despite your lethargy.

PS Although latex could also be a problem, I seriously doubt that this is your primary problem (if it is a problem at all). It is more likely a problem with old carpets when the latex breaks down.


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