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Gluten-Free Shopping Tip: Visit the Gluten Free Section

by Allergy Guy

Gluten-free shopping is made much easier by supermarkets these days.  Just about every store I go into these days has a gluten-free section.

Make life a bit easier on yourself and see what you can replace in your regular diet with specially formulated gluten-free versions.While you can find gluten free food throughout a supermarket, especially the ‘outside isle’, the gluten-free section of those supermarkets that have them, can give you a head start.

For starters, you may have to ask where it is, and every so often, the staff may actually be somewhat knowledgeable on gluten free products (but don’t count on it).

More importantly, you may find substitutes for some of your favourite foods.  For example, many people use pasta as a staple food.  Given that pasta is made of wheat, what to replace it with? It is often the gluten-free section of a supermarket that can supply the answer: Gluten-Free Pasta.

Keep in mind that not all supermarkets have a gluten free section.  Some supermarkets mix the gluten-free products in with traditional ones.  Sobey’s seems to do this (the cookie section at some branches has a pretty good selection of gluten-free cookies).  Other supermarkets simply don’t carry much in the say of specialty gluten-free products, but this is changing.

What has your experience been with the gluten-free section of your supermarket?

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