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Gluten-free Ingredient: Ube

by Allergy Guy

ube-cake-wheat-freeI was just introduced to a new gluten-free ingredient on Stef Patag’s blog Noodles and Rice. It is called Ube powder, and is basically made from purple yams. I suppose any colour yam will do, but then it wouldn’t quite be Filipino, and would lack the “what the heck is that” factor at parties.

I’ve not tried this yet, since I only just found out about it, but I will have to obtain some of this gluten-free ingredient and cook some up!

The recipe on Stef’s block calls for milk, so it will need a lot of modification to make it milk-free as well, which will make it significantly different from the original.

So I guess I’m back to an ingredient I have actually heard of (yams), but with a different colour (purple) and made in to desert (novel to me). Still interesting!

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