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Gluten Free in Stores but Some Don’t Get It

by Allergy Guy

More and more gluten-free products are appearing in more and more stores, helping those with celiac and gluten allergy, but beware! Not everyone is doing it right!

Where as most stores are stocking commercial gluten-free products, which is fine, some are making their own or buying from local gluten free bakeries.

This is all well and good, but there are some pitfalls, especially for those with celiac disease or if you have a very sensitive gluten allergy.For example, I noticed gluten-free baking for the first time in my local health food store.  This should have been exciting, except for one little major non-starter: they baking is laid out on a shelf, on paper, right next to gluten-infested wheat based baked goods.  That’s no good at all!  I don’t know how many crumbs it takes to ruin the next few weeks of my life and I’m not about to experiment with it!

I told them about it and they said they’d be more careful about it next time.

If you see that a store is trying to supply gluten free food but not getting it quite right, then do tell them about it.  If they have a good attitude, they’ll fix it and you’ll help others avoid the horrors of gluten allergy symptoms or celiac disease melt-down.  If they have a bad attitude, then you don’t want to shop there anyhow.

Are your local stores stocking locally made gluten-free food?  Are they doing it right?

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