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Rice | Gluten Free Diet | Rice Allergy

Rice is a member of the grass family, and is therefore a grain.

Rice is an ideal food for most people with a gluten allergy or are on a gluten free diet

It is one of the world’s most important staple foods, providing approximately one fifth the total calories consumed world wide. It is the second most highly cultivated grain after maize, but not all maize is directly consumed as food by humans, rice is the top the calorie provider in the world.

Rice is most often cultivated as an annual crop. This provides the greatest yield per acre. It can also be grown as a perennial in tropical regions, in a farming method known as ratooning. This provides a yield earlier in the season, but the yield per acre is reduced with each passing year.

The way rice is consumed varies greatly. The poorest of the poor eat plain rice, sometimes with chillies – the burning hot chillies make it easier to eat more plain rice.

There is s tremendous variety of rice-based dishes developed by the wide range of populations and cultures that base their cuisine or rice.

Rice may be an ingredient in a number of alternative foods, such as gluten free beer and baking for a gluten free diet.

Rice Allergy

Some people develop an allergy to rice. As with any other food, you can get tests to see if you are allergic to rice, but they are not all that accurate.

False positives cause some people to needlessly eliminate rice from their diet.

False negatives may lead you to believe you are not allergic to rice, when in fact you may be.

Following an elimination diet is the best way to determine if rice agrees with you or not, except in the case of severe rice allergies.

Rice and Blood Type

Rice is not ideally suited to everyone, depending on your blood type. The table below shows which blood types rice is suited to, and which blood types are better off without it:

Type A: Neutral. Eating rice is OK, but it isn’t an ideal food.

Type B: Neutral. Eating rice is OK, but it isn’t an ideal food.

Type A/B: Highly beneficial. Eat rice often.

Type O: Neutral. Eating rice is OK, but it isn’t an ideal food.

* Neutral: Eating rice is OK, but it isn’t an ideal food.

* Highly beneficial: Eat rice often.

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1 admin August 16, 2009 at 16:43

One of my favourite foods

Rice is one of my favorite foods. Probably, I eat it a bit too often.

At one time I had allergy tests that indicated I was allergic to rice, so I cut it out of my diet.

After some time (I forget how long, maybe 6 months or so), I reintroduced it into my diet, and I’ve been fine with it ever since.


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