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Celiac Disease Cure? Larazotide May Help Treat Celiac Disease.

by Allergy Guy

Celiac disease may have something that comes close to being a cure.  Larazotide may ease the restrictions of a gluten free diet.

Alba Therapeutics announced further clinical trials of the drug

larazotide acetate, after earlier studies showed promising initial results.

An earlier Phase IIb study looked at 184 adults with celiac disease.

The goal of the trial was to loot at the effect of larazotide on the “leaky gut”, a common symptom of celiac disease.

I know that this sounds very exciting, so lets stop a moment and take a look at what this means.

A degraded small intestine is not the only symptom of celiac disease.  Many celiacs have no sign of damage in their gut, but the effects of gluten on someone with celiac disease can impact many other organs in the body.

The idea behind larazotide is to reduce the effects of small amounts of ingested gluten.

For example, if you go out to a restaurant, or are invited to dinner by friends, it may be hard or impossible to guarantee that the food is definitely 100% gluten-free.

In this case, larazotide can help by reducing the damage gluten has on the gut.

Larazotide is not intended as a replacement for a gluten free diet.  It doesn’t look like it will help with a gluten allergy either.

What it may do, if larger trials bear out earlier results, is allow a little more freedom when occasional situations may expose you to small amounts of gluten.

It will also likely prove useful it healing a severely damaged gut when someone is first diagnosed with celiac disease.

So while larazotide is not a true cure for celiac disease, it could well be a very useful tool in managing some of the effects of eating gluten.

What do you think about how larazotide might affect your life? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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1 sana February 25, 2013 at 08:01

i have wheat allergy as celiac disease so i want gve me some sugestion how i get this treatment if any treatmen plz tellme and tell me any diet how i get gulten free diet give me answer im waiting thnx


2 Allergy Guy February 25, 2013 at 21:39

There is no cure, you must just avoid gluten. Please explore the site for more ideas.


3 Laura Fisher April 4, 2011 at 14:35

Larazotide has real promise for refractory sprue, which is relatively uncommon and not well treated, especially since refractory sprue is associated with several lethal cancers such as lymphoma. As to people using it in order to facilitate continuing to eat gluten when they have already learned they are sensitive to gluten, that would be folly and would be exactly what the manufacturers would hope to encourage. The best analogy would be the obese diabetics who are not made to lose weight but who instead ore treated with exogenous insulin.


4 Allergy Guy April 4, 2011 at 14:45

I completely agree!


5 Becky April 4, 2011 at 13:59

Where can you get a gene test for $25.00? The tests I have seen are several hundred.


6 Mackenzie February 15, 2011 at 12:13

I am very interested in this. I would be willing to try this!!


7 Allergy Guy February 15, 2011 at 13:15

I think the important thing here is not to take the drugs instead of following the diet, but rather use them as a backup in case of inevitable slips.


8 Kristine McCoy January 29, 2011 at 02:15

Having been near death in Dec. of 2008, testing neg. for celiac, my sweet doctor offered to do a gene test, since this disease is inherited. I was scoped on an emergency basis, yes, they found alot of damage. I did not respond to the steroids that are given just for intestinal issues. That’s when I got the gene test, which was 99%, that I had the gene. After a month of eating practically nothing, until I figured out what gluten is, most of my symptoms in the intestines have stopped. However, gluten not only destroys your intestines, gluten attacks the myelin that covers the nerves. This can be anywhere that you have nerves!!! I’m pretty sure that I am a misdiagnosed Multiple sclerosis patient, my white spots on my MRI haven’t changed, and actually, the last 2 have improved!!! But, I do have neurological damage. I guess I would take this pill, I’d have to check for gluten. (That was supposed to be funny.) BUT, the MAJOR point I would like to make is that we need to test the NEWBORNS at the hospital. When I think of all the time in doc.’s offices, time off work, pain, and all the things wrong with me, diagnosed @ 50 yrs. old is WAY TOO LATE!! Wake up Doctors and the government, test babies when they are born, a gene test!!! Only $25.00, now that would save America alot of money!!!


9 Henry October 27, 2010 at 16:48

Your website is about allergy.

Oral tolerance also works for allergy to wheat.
What happens is suppressor T cells to immunoglobin G and
Immunoglobin E are both generated. This info goes back to the
1970s -80s but what is true then is true for always.

The formula for celiac will also fix/cure wheat allergy.


10 Allergy Guy July 27, 2011 at 17:25

Celiac is different from allergies and very much less was known about celiac in the 80s than now. I would not assume that any formula other than avoiding gluten will ‘fix’ celiac disease, and the condition is very serious so one needs to know, not just try things and hope for the best!


11 Florence Abrams May 28, 2010 at 09:44

I would also like to try a drug that would help me cope with Celiac….I am checking with my doctor.


12 mac March 10, 2010 at 00:44

hope this works

I am willing to take it if it proves true. I have only been gluten free for 6 months now. i am ok with the life i have to lead but it bothers me how those around me are so worried they will hurt me with a little slip up. I would take the drug and aggresively stay gluten free, but I would love the peace of mind it gives those around me.


13 admin March 10, 2010 at 08:33

Peace of mind to others – great point!

Hey Mac,

That’s a great point. I find that staying gluten-free is more of a social problem than anything else.

I agree with you – I hate burdening others with my dietary needs. Larazotide may have an important place in keeping others comfortable.

It is important to emphasize not to let your guard down on the gluten free diet to please other people. Larazotide may ease that imperative a bit.

I’ll be interested to know if it protects other organ systems against gluten attack besides the gut. Otherwise its a bit like building a fire-proof house, only to be washed away by a flood.


14 admin March 5, 2010 at 22:43

More Larazotide To Come

This article is based on information that I just discovered today.

I’ll be looking for more information, and as I find it, I’ll publish it. I’ll also be following the upcoming trials of larazotide, and I’ll report on those when they come out too.


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