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Allergy or Anxiety?

by Allergy Guy

Jackie asks:
I think I have an allergy to something I eat but I am not sure what? my Doctor said it is anxiety, but I know it is not. Some days I am o.k. but then my voice will go slightly hoarse and tremulous as though I am straining to talk. I have had my vocal cords checked and all is o.k., and was told it is probably an allergy. But finding out what it is, is the problem. Can you help’

Doug’s Allergy Answer…

Note: This is my opinion and is not to be taken as qualified medical advice.

You can start off by checking the Self-Testing for Food Allergies article on this site.

If you can, visit an allergist or a doctor who practices environmental medicine.

I’m not a doctor, but honestly, I do not believe that anxiety is a disease. It is a symptom of something. If you do have any anxiety, it could be a symptom of an allergy.

If you do not experience anxiety, then your doctor is just guessing, and it is not a guess based on listening to you. In this case it would be worth finding a doctor who listens and provides sensible advice!

I hope this helps.

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1 Guest March 30, 2009 at 16:34

anxiety in maine

Hi, Moved to Maine in July of 2007. Been sick with a nervous nausea type thing since. Had water tested, Hair analysis blood tests etc. Place found to have flees when I moved in so had to use bombs of Raid flea spray and also foggers. Felt fine till Jan 08 then it all stareted with this nervous condition accompanied by nausea. Doctors think it’s all nerves but never like this b4. Am now 70 and retired and feel terrible. Any suggestions?


2 admin April 1, 2009 at 15:53

Pesticides? mold?

I wish I could give you some solid information based on your short comment.

I wonder if the flea poison could be causing the problem. I suggest you wash everything – floor, walls, ceiling, all surfaces and everything on them.

Also, check for any kind of dampness in the house that might support mold. Start with the basement and move up. Check for leaks in the foundation, wall, roof. Check the plumbing.

There are a couple of ideas for you. They are just guesses, but well worth looking into, especially the poison angle.

Hope that helps.


3 Guest March 9, 2009 at 14:44

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique practioners work with singers and actors on this issue. Good Luck.


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