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Example of Someone Who Has Reversed Her Allergies

by Allergy Guy

Yesterday I wrote about how you can theoretically reverse your allergies through proper diet and avoiding exposure to allergens.

Today I found the personal account of a woman who did just that – reversed her allergies. Here is how she did it:

  • Ate anti-inflammatory foods such as organic fruit and vegetables
  • Eliminated milk and wheat from her diet
  • Included fish and oil in her diet.
  • Reduced her toxic burden (she is not specific about how she did this).
  • Used “safe food supplements”, especially nettle and quercetin.

It may surprise you that including oil in your diet is good for you. Don’t we have too much fat in our diet? It is a matter of quality. Even if you eat a pound of french-fried a day, you still need to include high-quality oil in your diet.

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1 marie a.k.a. The FertilityBitch February 23, 2007 at 10:21


hello! Thanks for referencing my article. May I also add that the allergy component in wheat is most often GLUTEN, the protein, which is also found in oats, rye, MSG, all sorts of stuff. So if you want to eliminate wheat in your diet to see if you feel better, my advice is to eliminate ALL forms of gluten so you can get a really true look at what wheatfree feels like. You might also want to ask your doc to test you for CELIAC disease.

I used to have a miserable time in spring and fall with my stupid allergies! It’s nice to have that part of my life back…


2 admin February 25, 2007 at 23:37

Wheat vs. Gluten

Hi Marie,

You are right, gluten is often the culperate. But not always.

For example, I am pretty good with rye, oats and barley. I even discovered that I had been eating wheat gluten for some time, yet I did not appear to be affected.

I agree with you that if a wheat allergy is suspected, a test for Celiac is important. It won’t change your diet one way or the other (besides knowing that gluten is definitely a problem, and therefore the foods mentioned above must be avoided), but it will convince you not to cheat. People with celiac run a high risk of cancer (of the colon I believe) if they continue to eat gluten. They should avoid all gluten, even if they feel OK when they have a little.

If you don’t have Celiac, and you feel OK, you can use your own judgement as to if you eat gluten-containing foods, how much and how often.

As for MSG, it can be derived from wheat as well as from other sources (if I’m not mistaken). I’d avoid MSG anyhow, too much of an artificially refined substance can’t be good for you!


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