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Dr. Jennifer Armstrong, M.D.

by Allergy Guy

Dr. Jennifer Armstrong practices environmental medicine in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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1 tbruyns March 9, 2010 at 16:22


Hello Dr Anderson,
Judy Spence recommended you.
My Main question at this time is?
What is your knowledge about Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?
What is your knowledge about a Dr Joel E mason Toronto and his background In MCS —Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.
We all need to work together. have contacted Women’;s College and assessed by them and confirmed with Severe MCS/Dr J. Krop and confirmed with MCS
I want more refereences as of course insurance and pension companies have many questions….
many thanks Trudy Bruyns
RN, BScN MA Advanced Practice Nurse …on LTD because of MCS

2 Guest September 15, 2009 at 00:47

Air filters hepa

I have mold, dust, pollen allergy I need to get a hepa filter and ionizer. However, the selections are confusing. I also have a brain injury. I am seeking silent ones. Can you direct me to a few types to look at??
I understand there are some that no longer require the filters to be changed or cleaned thereby eliminating the need for handling the allergen.

Could you please send me again the web site for those orgainic, charcol reuseable filters.

Thank you for your help to this abundant subject.

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