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Wine allergy problems kind of ruin the fun now, don’t they!

See below for more information about wine allergies.

This section also has extensive comments. You can learn a lot by reading about other people’s experiences. Feel free to add your own comments.

This section is about wine and allergies.

People who are allergic to wine may be sensitive to one or more of the following substances:

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When you are done, you can answer the Allergy Details Wine Survey. I want to find out what wines cause people the most trouble. This will be very helpful to you as more people leave comments.

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1 Lisa November 27, 2017 at 00:59

When I drink white wine I sometimes will get stuffed up
When I drink red I get a cough,start wheezing ,as soon as I use an inhaler and take a allergy med ,within half hour my symptoms are gone
I have drank some reds with no reaction so it has to be sulphites or tannins ?


2 Carol November 21, 2017 at 17:40

Hi All,

As a wine lover, many years ago I found that I developed severe stomach pain after even a few sips of wine. Of course, loving wine, I have experimented many times over the years, sometimes reacting to some wines, sometimes not. And sometimes not reacting to a wine, yet the next time I try it, will have the same stomach pains. I also get itching deep in my ears and throat. It is just not worth it. I also have the same result with beer, including non-alcoholic beer. I don’t see a lot of people stating they react this way, but I am a nurse and have carefully experimented over the years. Red wine nearly closes my throat as well. Anyone out there have these issues? I typically suffer for about six hours afterwards. My husband had me try a heaping teaspoon of baking soda in a half a juice glass of water, and this actually helped my symptoms resolve much more quickly. Very weird.


3 Mele December 26, 2017 at 22:54

Hi, i had the same experience this past boxing day. I dont drink beer or wine, and thought to have something nice for my anniversary with my husband. I react to alot of things, including alot of medicines and coffee (or coffee products). I had never tried red wine before till this week. I only had a glass mixed with apple juice and my husband had the same thing. I had these sharp pains in my ears after just having a few sips. And after our meal, I had this horrible pain in my stomach. I normally use baking soda and water as home remedy for my stomach pains, but this one time, i drank 3 cans of coke. It helped relieve my stomach pain and ear pains. One thing is for sure, never again will i drink wine again.


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