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Spring Mold – More About It

by Allergy Guy

I recently mentioned that I hate early spring, and realized it was because of the mold.

Well, here is something else I thought I was noticing, which I now believe to be true (probably). In the spring, I prefer overcast days to sunny days.

Strange, no? The rest of the year, I much prefer the sun.

Today was a cloudy day, and my allergies aren’t bothering me nearly as much as yesterday – I have very low-level allergy symptoms.

In the summer and fall, it is the opposite, I can be full of energy, but when it starts to rain or when it feels like it will start to rain, I often don’t feel so great. I always assumed this was because the mold started growing with increased dampness.

So why the reverse in the spring?

Today I had another look at the grass outside. It is overcast today, unlike yesterday which was sunny.

Sure enough, I can see yesterdays mold, its life-cycle spent, but no live mold growing today.

I assume that it is too cold for the mold without the sun.

This must be a very strange mold, since most mold prefers it dark. Usually, you will find mold growing in the basement, or under damp leaves, or some other sheltered, dark, moist and undisturbed spot.

This mold though, seems to prefer living out in the open and in full sunlight.

Mold Allergies – What is Your Experience?

You are welcome to leave your comments about mold in the spring (especially on the grass), or mold in general, especially if its allergy-related. Tell us about it!

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1 Roger March 29, 2011 at 12:29

I was very happy to see this and the related articles about snow-mold. I have never been tested for it, but I ALWAYS seem to feel terrible right around the time that snow melts every year.

I have monumental headaches, body aches, and an over-all malaise that lasts day after day. I have always thought that the melting of the snow each year had something to do with it, but I really did not know anything about snow mold. I have seen the stuff, but, when I tried to pin it on that, my bride thinks that I am a crazy-assed hypochondriac. All that I know is that gets a bit old to wake up day after day with a huge headache and body aches that only get worse through the day. I seem to pop ibuprophen like candy just to get through the day.

On a related note, what might be the “fix” for this? Claritin? Shots? Just buck up and endure? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


2 Allergy Guy April 4, 2011 at 13:38

The first and best fix is to avoid exposure. In practical terms, all you can do is reduce it by closing windows during this season. You can also try a HEPA filter (recirculating filter that you can put in your living space and office if practical).

You can try Claritin or some other antihistamine. I’ve not tried these as it didn’t occur to me until recently. Where I live conditions have been against snow mold this year (lucky me). Do try it though and let us know if it helps you.


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