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Gluten Free Diet Books

by Allergy Guy

Gluten free diet books provide great information for those with celiac disease or gluten allergy.  This article lists a few of my favorites.

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The Gluten-Free Bible by Jax Peteres Lowell.  Covers a wide range of issues from attitude to shopping to dealing with family members.

The Gluten Connection by Shari Lieberman covers the many health effects of gluten for those with celiac disease and gluten allergy.  It also covers how to go gluten free and coping with cooking.

Wheat Belly by William Davis.  This is a very popular book that looks at the connection between wheat and poor health.  It looks at neither celiac nor gluten allergy but proposes that wheat is bad for your health generally.  It has a small section on avoiding wheat but mostly looks at the negative health effects of wheat.  There is a separate cookbook called Wheat Belly Cookbook which I have not tried and so cannot comment on.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of books about gluten free living.  See also Food Allergy Cook Books on this site.

If you have suggestions for favorite books, please leave a comment, including the name and author of the book and what specifically it covers.

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