How Long For Gluten to Leave Body

by Allergy Guy

If you react to gluten you probably want to know how long for gluten to leave the body.  That depends, as I will explain.

The time it takes for gluten to leave the body, and the time it takes for you to stop feeling the effects of gluten are two different things.  It depends on the symptoms and what is causing them, and also on you, everyone is unique and some people experience changes sooner, for others it takes longer to stop feeling the effects of gluten.

Gluten Symptoms Root Cause

First of all, it depends on the root cause for the gluten symptoms you are having.  Do you have a gluten allergyCeliac disease?  Just cutting out gluten because you were told you would feel better?  Or maybe you don’t really know yet.

Gluten itself should pass through your gut in a few days.  However the effects may last longer.   If you have celiac disease, your gut has to heal.  If you have a gluten allergy, your immune system has to settle down.  If you are just cutting out gluten because you think this is a healthy diet and have not gluten sensitivity, then you may never feel an improvement.

Gluten Symptoms Reduction

Some people may feel better a few days after eliminating gluten from their diet.  Likely they will feel even better over time.

If you have celiac disease, your gut has to heal, then you can start absorbing nutrients again, and slowly you will get back to normal.  Usually symptoms like abdominal pain and distress will be the first to go, followed by other symptoms.

If you have a gluten allergy, anything is possible.  It can take weeks to even begin to feel a difference, then improvement can be quite rapid.  Or you might notice an improvement in a few days.

How Long Before Gluten Symptoms Return

If you accidentally eat gluten, you may get symptoms in a few hours or a few days.  Certainly it will be faster than the time it takes for symptoms to disappear.  It might be tempting to eat some of your favourite foods while sick, since you’re sick anyway, you may as well enjoy the foods you miss like pizza and pastries, right?  Wrong!  The more you eat, the worse your symptoms are likely to be, and the more you reinforce your desire to eat food that makes you sick.


What is your experience with how long it takes for gluten to leave your body?  Do you notice an effect very soon, or after a delay?  How long before all gluten-related symptoms leave you?  Please leave a comment.

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1 Allergy Guy August 28, 2014 at 19:14

It usually takes at least two weeks before I start to notice symptoms such as trouble concentrating getting any better. By the end of three weeks, symptoms are tolerable. It can take two months or longer to get completely back to normal, assuming I am able to avoid absolutely all wheat, but this is difficult when I eat out.


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