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Spinach Allergy

by Allergy Guy

Spinach allergy is rare but some people do report spinach allergy symptoms or a spinach intolerance, so if you have this problem you are not alone.

It is possible to become allergic to almost anything.  Usually people react to some sort of protein.It is also possible to become sick for some other reason, such as the flu, and then associate some particluar food with being sick, for example feeling sick after eating a spinach salad.  The body may then react to the spinach not as an allergy, but because of the association.  This should fade with time.

Never the less, some people definitely do react to spinach.  Here is an example from Mer:

I’ve been following the comments about kale allergy with interest. Let me say that I’ve had asthma all my life, but none of my triggers had anything to do with food (dust, pet dander, tree pollen) so I am very familiar with those sort of allergic reactions. I am also allergic to a couple of antibiotics: severe itching, hives.

So after a lifetime of eating (and loving) spinach, I developed a severe intolerance for it. My immunologist/allergist corrected me when I called it an allergy. My symptoms are all gastrointestinal and severe enough to put me in ER twice when I inadvertently ate something that contained spinach. My symptoms are delayed (which is why my doctor referred to it as an intolerance rather than an allergy?) but begin with vomiting, then diarrhea. These increase in severity with each passing hour until I begin fainting. When my doctor was told about THAT part of it, he said if it happened again I should go to the nearest ER immediately. I didn’t understand why, but a year or so later, once again I unknowingly ate something that contained spinach and the nightmare began. By the time my husband got me to ER, my blood pressure had dropped so low, I kept fainting.

What is your experience with a spinach allergy?  Please share your experiences and questions, leave a comment.


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1 Evette Nava March 2, 2018 at 21:20

I don’t suffer from allergies other than sulfur and antibiotics…I’m trying to investigate why I’m allergic to spinach. My face itches around the jaw and cheeks area usually with 10 minutes after digesting and the itchyness last until the next day and eventually clears up as long as I don’t have it again.

Does anyone else suffer from this issue?


2 nanye December 26, 2017 at 23:01

I can eat raw spinach BUT when I eat cooked spinach my mouth and my lips kind of swell up.. and it’s always happened. i’m not sure why. but raw spinach absolutely nothing happens. I am allergic to ALL tree nuts e. (peanuts, walnuts, almonds.. etc.) animals, dust, pollen, and some others. But my allergist never told me I was allergic to spinach.


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