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Is Raw Milk Good for Allergies?

by Allergy Guy

There is a great deal of controversy over raw milk lately. A growing number of people say that raw milk is more health than pasteurized milk.

In perfect counter-point, a growing number of institutions remind us that raw milk is hazardous to your health.

Why the discrepancy?

I think there are several reasons.

First lets look at what raw milk has in it’s favor:

Raw Milk Can Reduce Heyfever and Asthma

A study summarized by Nutrition Horizon reports that based on sampling 14,893 children in five countries, the consumption of raw milk reduces the incidence of heyfever and asthma. This may apply to other allergies as well, although the summary of this particular study does not say.

Milk Intolerant People Can Digest Raw Milk More Easily

Other articles I have seen on the internet indicate that those with a milk intolerance can digest raw milk and raw milk products, where as they can not digest commercial pasteurized milk.

Raw Milk is Dangerous?

Is raw milk really dangerous?

I am a bit suspicious of this assertion. There is no end of government propaganda on the subject.

True, raw milk did cause big health problems before it was traced to various pathogens that can easily be destroyed by pasteurizing milk. This was a great approach in the 1930’s onward. At the time, the big worry was tuberculoses along with a few other diseases most people have not really heard of or been concerned about for a long time in most places.

Since then, the health of farm workers has improved, hygiene procedures on farms must surely be better, and there is no end of tests that can be used to screen the milk.

Now, the boogie-man is salmonella and unspecified bacteria.

Some would argue that it is precisely the ingestion of “friendly” bacteria that improve the health of raw milk consumers.


My opinion is that the risks are all out of proportion. If we should worry about the chances of contracting salmonella or whatever from raw milk, then we should definitely not drive anywhere, as there is the chance of having and accident, and that could also be very bad for your health.

Neither should we eat fast food because there have been incidents of food poisoning at some fast food restaurants occasionally. Actually, we shouldn’t eat at any restaurant, or for that matter eat at all. The argument can be taken to a ridiculous level.

Until I see comparative statistics, I won’t believe much of what governments and the milk board have to say on the subject.

I am interested in this, so as I find out more, I will post more about it.

Mean while share your opinion! Leave a comment or contact me.

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1 Guest December 7, 2009 at 08:01

Raw Milk and Allergies

The author has indicated a desire to see comparative studies before believing the “propaganda” regarding dangers of raw milk. Yet, in the absence of such studies, the author has clearly managed to form an opinion instead of suspending belief. I too would like to see comparative studies. I suspect that the reduced incidence of allergies among raw milk drinkers is due to correlation, not causation. That is, I suspect there are other factors involved (i.e., maybe raw milk drinkers have a generally healthier lifestyle than other groups, or maybe they are incidentally exposed to more allergens, thus building immunity.)

The author’s discussion of the risks of raw milk is incomplete, uneducated and obviously biased. I would encourage readers to explore this issue more carefully before consuming raw milk or (more importantly, because adults are solely responsible for what they eat, and it makes no difference to me) feeding it to children.


2 admin December 8, 2009 at 23:32

Yes, I have an opinion

You bet I have an opinion!

Is it correct?

I don’t know, hence the need for more studies.

We all form opinions based on the evidence available to us, and a number of other things besides.

Obviously the author of the comment above has an opinion as well, and that’s fine.

It is important to separate opinion from fact, and I hope the article above is successful in doing so.

I do disagree with the idea that raw milk drinkers are healthy simply because of other aspects of their lifestyle.

Milk is full of complex and extremely fragile components. These components are destroyed by processing.

Processing has its advantages of course, allowing the very large distribution of a pathogen-free supply of milk.

Right beside that are the disadvantages. I’ve heard of many, which I am not outlining here because it will take some research to verify information before typing out random, and possibly inaccurate facts.

In any case, the debate is open:


3 ally June 22, 2010 at 18:26

My son has some pretty severe food allergies, including dairy. Through all the research I’ve done the cause is still unknown to me. All the allergist said was a child with a parent who is prone to allergies is 50% more likely to develop them. He’s healthy other than that and I strive to give him the healthiest lifestyle possible.

The reason I decided to leave a comment is because My son is allergic to milk-based formula, cheese, even goat’s milk yogurt. He breaks out in hives all over his face if he eats it. We started eating cheese made from raw milk before I found out about his allergies. It’s the only form of dairy he’s never reacted to. From what I’ve read, pasteurization destroys most of the enzymes essential for digestion of the milk.

Allergies are a tricky subject, all the research I’ve done has an equally valid, contradicting study opposing it. But I know from experience that raw milk is tolerable in the case of my son, where as everything else isn’t .

There’s an amazing book called the Resourceful Mother’s Guide to Healthy Kids by Meredith Deasly. It’s been immensely helpful to me in my search for answers.


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