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Part of Reducing Allergy Symptoms is to Improve Air Quality

by Allergy Guy

Many people suffer from air-borne allergies. Some of these sufferers’ know what is making them sick, especially if for seasonal allergies to pollen. Others may not be aware that excessive levels of dust or mould are making them ill, or simply reducing their well-being. This becomes normal and many people may not notice that they could be better, until they experience a truly clean environment.

Your first clue that air quality might be an issue, is that if you you are outside, especially outside and out of the city, you feel better than when you are inside.

This does not necessarily indicate allergies; the fact is that poor air quality can reduce anyone’s well-being.

This site will start to talk about air quality and air-borne allergies in the near future.

Mean while, visit the Air Quality section of this website to locate products you can use to reduce air-borne allergens in your home or office.

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