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Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies

by Allergy Guy

Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies are a sort of gluten free answer to Oreos.  How do they compare?

It’s been so long since I’ve had an Oreo, I honestly don’t remember what they tasted like, but I can describe the Glutino equivalent.

Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies certainly have the cream and crunch credentials.  They are very sweet – too sweet for my taste, but probably about the same as their gluten-contaminated equivalent.  I think the tend to support my theory that after so many years of eating gluten-free as a result of a gluten allergy, it is finally possible to eat food that is just as unhealthy as the gluten-filled equivalent.  I’m not putting down this product, the quality is there, and so is the sugar.  I’d prefer less.  Where as I could eat three or four cookies in a row no problem if they had less sugar, the Glutino Creme sandwich product maxes me out at two, and generally one is more than enough in the sugar department.  Your taste may be different.

If you like sweet cookies and need to eat gluten-free due to celiac, a gluten allergy or a wheat allergy, Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies are a pretty good offering.

Have you tried them?  What is your opinion?  Do you prefer less sugar or do these fit the bill for you?  Please share your views, leave a comment.

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