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Gluten Free Diet and Lupus

by Allergy Guy

A gluten free diet may benefit many diagnosed with lupus.

The symptoms of celiac disease, not to be confused with a gluten allergy, can be similar to lupus.

Both diseases are hard to pin down, having multiple and varied symptoms that can be quite different for each patient.

Both diseases can effect all organs in the body.  So if you have a rash, fatigue, and poor weight gain as a child, you may be diagnosed with lupus, and that may be the correct diagnosis.

However, a surprising number of people diagnosed with lupus are actually gluten intolerant, meaning they have celiac disease

Given the large number of varied symptoms caused by a gluten allergy, it could be that someone diagnosed with lupus is celiac, or has gluten a gluten allergy, or does in fact have lupus.

Some studies indicate that over 20% of patients diagnosed with lupus really have celiac disease.  That’s a lot of people being treated with toxic pharmaceutical drugs, yet are still sick.  These people will improve, probably completely, by eliminating gluten from their diet.

Of course it is likely that some people have both lupus and celiac or gluten allergy, so don’t rule out both.

So if you’re diagnosed with lupus, should you cut out gluten from your diet?

I recommend that you do.  I also recommend that you get tested for celiac.

Although celiac has ‘classic’ symptoms’, not everyone with this disease is classic.  You might be one of them.

In the case of a gluten allergy, there is no classic set of symptoms.

If you have been diagnosed with lupus, consider looking into gluten as the real cause of the problem.  Remember that you could have lupus and gluten problems.

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