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Read the many comments below about salt intolerance


Salt Additives

The following may be found in salt as anti-caking agents (list courtisy of Pepper Combs):

  • Ferric ammonium citrate
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Sodium ferrocyanide
  • Magnesium silicate
  • Magnesium carbonate
  • Propylene glycol
  • Aluminum calcium silicate
  • Sodium aluminosilicate (also called sodium silicoaluminate)

Iodine is often added to ensure sufficient dietary iodine.

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1 Linda July 22, 2015 at 10:47

I have salt intolerance, also anhidrosis, IBS and anemia. One easy thing that has helped me with IBS has been Yakult probiotics.
I tell everyone, I have a happy colon now. Now if I can just figure out this salt problem.
You said you are depressed and tearful all the time. Ask your doctor for a small dose of Ativan or lorazepam …..this medication has also helped me with IBS….if I feel IBS coming on I, take 1/4 mg Lorazepam, 1 Imodium, and lay down with the heating pad on stomach….and I dont eat or drink anything for 3-6 hours. Usually does the trick. Good luck


2 Mia January 2, 2015 at 22:02

Because of my own expiriances I will suggest this:
Stay away from the fruit sugar. Our bodies can’t manage so must fruit sugar. And the more we use of it, the more trouble we get. Naturally fruit sugar is mostly to find in red and yellow fruits and vegetables. Factoty fruit sugar is been used in stead of ordenary sugur to sweeten up food, berries and juices both in factories and in our homes, becase it is more sweet than ordenary sugur. Even if ordenary sugar is making big trouble in our bodies (also this content fruit sugar), the factory fruit sugar gives us even bigger health problems. AND when we are eating both SALT and FRUIT SUGAR, and our bodies are fixing none of them spescially good, THEN much of the water in our bodies is mantaining inside. So my advice is: the less sugar and fruit sugar and salt we eat, the better. If you want to eat something with salt in, stay away from all the sugar and fruit sugar you can, both factory and naturally. If you want to eat or drink something with sugar or fruit sugar in, stay away from the most you can of salt that day.
And you may also notice:
Maybe reading about “adrenal fatigue” can give understanding of some of these problems many people have.
I am not so good in english, so these lines can have words which not is
the best one for explaining these problems. But I am twice as good to
keep the water outside my body ( ; And I am beginning to
understand more of the problem named “adrenal fatigue”.. Maybe
reasence like stress, antibiotica treatment and neck trouble leads us
to these troubles…


3 Allergy Guy January 3, 2015 at 23:12

I am a bit skeptical about eating too much “fruit sugar”, unless you mean sugar refined from fruit. In other words, I find it hard to endorse avoiding fruit. Perhaps it is possible that this is necessary for some individuals, but not for most people.

Also, some salt in the diet is necessary, but certainly not to much. Most people get far too much.

Finally, when we say “salt” or “table salt”, this means sodium chloride, and it is generally the sodium that is the problem. Apparently some people have the wrong ratio of sodium to potassium, so maybe eating more potassium salt (as found in bananas and “no salt” substitutes for people with heart conditions might help. This is conjecture, but worth looking into.


4 Mary Z January 4, 2015 at 09:15

I do think Mia has a point about sugar. I was considering posting something about sugar and had decided against it so I am glad she brought it up, even if there might be a language barrier. I have never heard the theory about sugars from specific fruits causing problems but if you look at a lot of disorders such as allergies and PMS, you will often hear about sugar exacerbating the problem. Since taking B Vitamins is often advised in order to alleviate the problems (at least in the case of PMS) it also makes sense that Adrenal Stress could be involved. I know my doctor tested me and I was fine but it could have been during one of those periods when I was avoiding sugar so the results might not have been typical. I gene.rally crave sugar as much as I crave salt

Also, regarding fruit sugars, there is much written about the fact that fruit should be eaten whole and that juices and refined sugars from fruit are just as bad as cane sugar at spiking insulin levels so it stands to reason that they could also cause other problems. Sugar intake is linked to inflammation which may also be at work in some our problems. I know from experience that it is very difficult to limit (added) sugar and I would not avoid whole fruits without a lot of research but I wouldn’t dismiss Mia’s out of hand. I know I will be looking into it.

Regarding needing salt. We do need some salt but the amount is negligible and can generally be obtained from whole foods. I do think it would be wise to consult a doctor before being that strict however. It is critical to get a small amount of Iodine regularly however so none of us assume we are getting it on a low sodium diet.

Mia, I understand how stress and possibly antibiotic use could lead to adrenal stress but how would neck troubles fit into the picture?


5 Allergy Guy January 5, 2015 at 20:38

I generally agree with the gist of your comment, Mary.


6 Kay August 17, 2014 at 17:07

Hi Cynthia, I have an extreme reaction to the slightest amount of sodium in my system as well. When I consume the least amount of sodium my lips start to tingle, my face becomes puffy, I gain about 5 to 6 pounds overnight(especially puffy in the abdominal area) I become short of breath, my hands and feet swell, my energy level plummets, my focus is off, I have extremely dry mouth. It’s an absolute nightmare. Of course I’ve been to countless doctors…they have no clue! I drink plenty of water. At one point I completely eliminated salt from my diet and only consumed fruits, vegetables, nuts and boiled chicken. I boil the chicken to get the sodium out. I lost close to 30 pounds in one month, my energy level soared, I felt great….problem is I’ve been back and forth with this diet because it’s impossible to socialize on a no salt diet and to travel on a no salt diet. The only solution I can come up with is a vegan diet, so I’m trying to get in the mind set of a complete lifestyle change. Occasionally I experience balance problems too. I only drink sodium free water! That’s how sensitive I am. If anyone has found a doctor whose diagnosed this problem please share!!


7 Amy December 28, 2014 at 18:28

I just found your post. I can’t even breath salt and I am swollen. I retain so much fluid it is unbelievable and the bags beneath my eyes are unreal. I have Diabetes II and have seen my Kidney functions altered some over the past few years with the Creatinine and BUN occasionally going up but usually returning. However, I have never met and heard of anyone like me and the way I react to Sodium. I, too, have gone on a PURIST diet and it helps, but is not something you can do for long or in this world we live in. I have had such extreme swelling the past month or two with what I feel sure is some blockage in my left leg. But, regardless what is, or has been or may be… my reaction to salt is EXTREME. I have blood work done quite often, but have never been told my sodium is high according to lab results…. so this has to be some time of REACTIVE response my body has that no one has ACKNOWLEDGED in the medical world. Or, at least I do not believe they have. Plus, I think that some new medications I have changed to or started in the recent year or so also contribute to the ever growing increased response of water retention/swelling. If anything has a remote possibility of causing edema…. I will have it…. I noticed you posted this in August 2014 (not too long ago) so if you find my post (either post again or try and email me). Would love to visit further.


8 Amy December 28, 2014 at 19:07

I am simply adding to what I just posted. I failed to state I take 40 mg Lasix daily, but have had to double this on some days the past few weeks. However, in the past I have taken both Maxide 50/75 and Lasix in a lower dosage at the same time. The Maxide definitely helped on the facial and eye edema much more than Lasix and I wish I could return to Maxide and a lower dose of Lasix. They absolutely work differently and the Maxide improves my overall feeling much more than Lasix. But, the exteme swelling in my left leg and left foot within the past two weeks along with aching and pains, I believe has to be a blockage in my left leg and this has caused the leg swelling. However, the long standing edema in my face and under my eyes is so extreme there has to be someone somewhere with knowledge that could help me. I does sound “silly” to say I have a salt allergy….. but with such extreme sensitivity I have to salt it is easy to see why some people would call this an “allergy.” Also, I have had medications changed recently or in the past year and if anything has a remote chance of causing edema…. I will be the one in a million to have it. I do hope someone reading these posts will see the TRUE MISERY this causes me and others and will share any “remote” possibilities that may be causing or contributing to this medical problem, regardless how few of the population may have this or may have been recognized as having such. If I really ate like most people most of the time, I think it would truly kill me in a very short period of time. And, I only eat a PURIST diet when I can hardly go on.


9 Angela Hames January 2, 2015 at 15:35

Dr. Pecheo at National Jewish Health Hospital in Denver Co. She is a specialist in Allergy and such. She is wonderful. Go it is worth the trip.


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