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Gluten Doesn’t Bother Me so It’s OK to Eat It Celiac Myth

by Allergy Guy

If you have celiac disease and you think that because gluten doesn’t bother you then it is OK to eat gluten-containing foods, please understand that this is a myth and it is incorrect.

Here is the reason why:

Celiac disease is complex and the symptoms can take three general forms:

  1. Obvious, common celiac disease symptoms, such as diarrhea
  2. The appearance of other diseases such as diabetes, thyroid problems, osteoporosis and others.
  3. Hidden and serious symptoms that don’t appear for years or decades, such as bowl cancer.

If you have celiac disease and are an example of the first type of symptoms, congratulations! Life sucks when you eat gluten but at least you know what’s causing the problem and have the motivation to stop!

But this article is not about the obvious symptoms. Let’s consider the problem of someone who tests positive for celiac disease but feels healthy. This could be a case of the third type of symptoms. You could be a ticking time bomb. Because of the serious potential side effects, eating gluten is a bad idea if you test positive for celiac.

There is also the likelihood that you don’t feel fine at all. You have gotten up to speed on the basics of celiac disease symptoms, and you don’t have any tummy issues. Maybe you have one of a whole host of hidden celiac disease symptoms, as described in point 2 above.

For all these reasons, if you have celiac disease, you must avoid all gluten, even microscopic amounts of it. It is a myth that if you are celiac and symptom free, you can eat gluten, even sometimes.

What is your experience with testing positive for celiac, but not feeling any symptoms? Do you or did you eat gluten anyhow, or did you eliminate it from your diet? What happened? Please leave a comment.

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