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Mixed Kitchen

by Allergy Guy

A “mixed kitchen” has gluten-free alongside gluten-containing foods, or when  allergy-free foods are prepared together with allergy-containing foods. This is not an ideal situation, but it is possible.

Mixed kitchens are challenging if shared with someone who has a severe gluten allergy or celiac disease because it is hard to ensure that there will be no cross-contamination. For example, gluten-free toast could be contaminated by the toaster, unless there is a dedicated gluten-free toaster that never sees a glutenated slice of bread. Crumbs on the counter or in the butter are another worry.

It is possible to run a mixed kitchen, as long as everyone is careful about cleaning up and keeping dedicated kitchen equipment separated and distinct.

Are you gluten free or do you have some other allergy? What is your experience with a mixed kitchen? Please leave a comment.


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