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by Allergy Guy

Glutenated has two meanings, both of which are relevant if you have a gluten allergy or celiac disease.

Glutenated Person

If you are glutenated as a person, it means that you have gluten allergy or celiac disease and you have eaten something with gluten in it, causing gluten allergy symptoms or celiac disease symptoms.

Usage Examples

“I feel glutenated after accidentally eating food with wheat in it yesterday. I really feel terrible.”

“I must have been glutenated, my gluten allergy symptoms are driving me mad.”

Glutenated Food

Glutenated food is any food with gluten in it, for example: bread made form wheat, or gluten free food that has been cross-contaminated with wheat, barely, oats or rye.

Usage Examples

“Those cookies look good but they are glutenated.”

“Keep that glutenated food away from me!”

“Someone glutenated my butter! It’s all full of wheat crumbs!”

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