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ADHD and Wheat

by Allergy Guy

An inspiring story left by one of our readers, explains the dramatic effect of eliminating wheat from his child’s diet, and how this greatly reduced his child’s ADHD symptoms.

Wheat can cause problems that are very hard for a mainstream doctor to recognize.  Their training is to look for a set of symptoms, and usually prescribe a patented medicine to alleviate the symptoms.  This often does not deal with the underlying problem.

The story related by our reader is a perfect example of this.  Most doctors cannot recognize a wheat allergy or intolerance because they are not trained to look for this, and because symptoms vary widely from one patient to the next.

Nevertheless, ADHD may well be a common symptom of a wheat allergy in many children, rather than a Ritalin (Methylphenidate) deficiency.

Attention deficit disorder in adults may well have the same caused: wheat.

The child of our reader experienced a whole host of symptoms including the following:

He also had a fight or flight response under even slightly stressful conditions. Although social, this must have caused him a lot of trouble at school.

He was way behind in first grade, a classic symptom of a wheat allergy. (I
experienced the same problem myself, come to think of it. I only just made it through university. I discovered my wheat intolerance just after graduating.)

His parents brought him to a naturopath, who suggested eliminating wheat amongst other foods.

After he was put on a wheat-free diet by his parents, his symptoms dramatically improved.

He is much calmer, yet still very active as all children should be. He is more empathetic. He has less of a fight or flight response.

He no longer throws up. He has caught up in school.

He is no longer taking acid reflux medication.

You can read the whole story about wheat and ADHD as written by the reader.



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