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South Indian Restaurant: Madras Masala

by Allergy Guy

South Indian food is mostly gluten-free if made properly.  The Madreas Masala restaurant is a great choice for gluten free South Indian food in Toronto.

Most Indian restaurants are really North Indian food.  They usually have good gluten-free options as well.  South Indian food is harder to find.  With fewer choices, I was very pleased to discover an excellent South Indian restaurant in Toronto.

Madras Masala

As soon as I entered the Madras Masala, I knew it would be good South Indian food, and I was not disappointed.

I ordered a masala dosa, lamb chettinad and malabar fish curry, all of which were excellent.

Not all Indian restaurants in Canada make dosa in the proper (traditional) way.  Madras Masala makes dosa correctly, with rice and lentils.  I really enjoyed their dosa a lot, and the sauces that came with it were excellent.

As with any Indian restaurant, avoid the bread.  That is probably the only item with wheat or gluten in it, but you should tell your server that you are on a gluten-free diet, and verify that what you order is safe for you.

This restaurant has great authentic South Indian food and almost everything is gluten-free.  Gluten allergy sufferers and those with celiac disease, rejoice!

The Madras Masala restaurant is located at 796 Bloor St West, Toronto, M6G 1I7

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