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Gluten Free Garage Review

by Allergy Guy

Gluten Free Garage was a real success as far as I was concerned as a visitor and gluten allergy researcher.

This one took place at 11 November 2012.

There were lots of vendors and lots of people.  I was there for about three hours and it just kept getting busier.  I noticed that venders were selling out. I managed to talk to many of them.  It was a great opportunity to find out about new products, small gluten-free bakeries and gluten free restaurants.

Many of the venders had gluten-free samples.  It was nice to just try anything and everything without having to ask if it was gluten-free.  It was also nice to see micro-businesses there – bakers, confectionery and that sort of thing.  Some of them don’t even have stores, the just work through word of mouth.  I hope they are able to expand their businesses and still produce fantastic gluten free food.

There was an author, a gluten free diet consultant and a couple of website operators with booths there.  Gluten free garage had a wide range of gluten free living to explore.

I expect the next gluten free garage will be even bigger than this one.  I suspect the organizers might have been a little cautions the first time (although it didn’t show – there was something like 45 booths and an excellent turnout).

Did you visit gluten free garage?  What was your experience? Please leave a comment!

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