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Allergy News Letter April 2008

by Allergy Guy

This month we have an eclectic variety of articles about
allergies, from the evils of spring, the the improvements in some
restaurants when it comes to catering to food allergies.

Table of Contents

Allergy Awareness in Restaurants

I have long been impressed with the allergy guide at Swiss Chalet
so I decided to find out how other restaurants owned by the same
company compared. Swiss Chalet is owned by Cara Operations
Limited, a Canadian company also owns Restaurant chains Harvey’s,
Kelsey’s Milestones and Montana’s Cookhouse. Cara decided to
discontinue using peanut free ice creams, and have gained mixed
reviews from people with allergies.

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Why I Hate Spring

For years – decades in fact – I have detested the early part of

Now the late part of spring, that is a different matter, once the
grass has sprung, the flowers bloomed, and the birds are singing
in the trees. Even before that is fine.

But just now, as the snow melts to reveal the ground once again,
I don’t feel happy.

This has always been a mystery to me. I love the sun. It’s great
to get outside. True, it is the end of the ski season, but soon
it will be cycling season. I can’t loose!

Except I feel out of sorts around now.

Yesterday though, I suddenly realized what it is …

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Allergy Symptoms or Food Poisoning?

Many of the symptoms caused by allergies are also similar to food
poisoning. This is especially true of stomach upset, diarrhea,
and unpleasant side-effects along those lines (see gluten allergy
symptoms for some specific examples).

With the possibility of having identical symptoms, how do you
know if you really have allergies, or if you are dealing with
food poisoning?

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Allergy News Letter April 2008

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