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Yeast Allergy Diet vs. Yeast Infection Diet

by Allergy Guy

Yeast allergy diet vs. yeast infection diet – are they the same?

Someone asked me this question recently. This is a good question. There are many thousand types of yeast in the world. Only a few affect human health.

Also, a yeast allergy is very different from a yeast infection.

Here is the full question, followed by my answer:

I’ve recently gone to an allergist to get a food allergy test and one of the items that I’m allergic to is yeast. I’ve been asked to go on an elimination diet, but I’m having a difficult time trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat. I’ve found a lot of information on yeast-free diets for yeast infection, but would it be the same diet for a yeast allergy?

Yes, the yeast allergy diet is pretty close, if not the same as a yeast infection diet.

A yeast infection is an over growth of yeast, but most people have some level of candidiasis in their bodies, so if you are allergic to yeast, you want to do everything you can to discourage it.

Most people on a candidiasis (yeast infection) diet avoid all types of yeast, in case other types of yeast trigger a reaction.

After you’ve been on the elimination diet for a while, you can start reintroducing certain foods and see if this makes you feel worse or not.

If you get out of the habit of eating sugar, there is no point reintroducing it. Sugar is a fairly unhealthy food.

Good luck with your yeast allergy. Let us know how it goes.

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1 Petro February 14, 2013 at 05:54

Wow I fount this page quite usefull. How can I get this yeast allergy as well as cow’s milk allergy out of my body as soon as possible, or does it clear up with time?


2 Allergy Guy February 18, 2013 at 13:02

The key is to avoid the foods you are allergic too. If you are lucky, the allergy may stop after some time, but don’t count on it I’m afraid.


3 Guest July 12, 2009 at 16:40

Help pinpoint problem

My husband gets burning stomach area pain when eating certain foods. He can tell almost instantly when he eats something that aggravates him. We thought it was white flour, but we are beginning to think it is yeast. He can eat cheap pizza (from frozen) or the packaged crust you add only water too, but not pizza parlor pizza (the thicker crust). He cant eat chips with yeast in the ingredients, he cant eat soup with active yeast an an ingredient. He does drink braggs vinegar every morning (with honey) with no problems. He cant eat cheap white bread (and it seems like he can eat one brand and not another). We are finding it hard to pinpoint the actual problem item when some stuff bothers him and some stuff we think would, does not. He can eat regular (cheaper walmart pasta) with no problem. Any suggestions of how to actually pinpoint exactly what it is, or do we just make a list as things occur. I should note that the stomach pain is the only symptom and if it occurs, he drinks tons of water and that seems to dull the pain and take it away quicker as sometimes it lasts for several days once it starts…


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