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Allergy to Wine – Worst Reactions (wine survey)

by Allergy Guy

Allergy to wines is a real problem for some people.

Some people seem to be allergic to all types of wine, where as others seem to have reactions to very specific types of wine.

Some are allergic to alcohol but I am referring to people who can drink alcohol but not wine, or certain types of wines.

Wine Allergy Research is the Purpose of this Article

What wines do you find to be the most problematic? Is it a certain brand, a certain region, a certain style, or a certain type of grape?

Have you tried organic wines, and have you noticed a difference?

Do you have other known allergies, or reactions to other types of food?

Please leave your comments, and include:

1) The type of reaction you get
2) A description of the wine
3) Other foods that cause any kind of an allergic reaction
4) Anything else you think might help

Over time, the information collected here will become very valuable to you and everyone else investigating their wine allergy.

I thought this comment by Kath was interesting and might help others:

The reaction I had to drinking wine – migraine like symptoms and stomach upset (the first time it happened I thought it was food poisoning). I get the same reaction with lemons. Since then I’ve done some research and discovered that the EU does not allow citric acid to be used as an acidifier in wines produced within the EU. As I knew for sure that I had this reaction after drinking Californian wine I bought a bottle of Spanish Rioja and I was fine drinking this and any other wines produced in Europe.

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