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Allergies and Spring Grass Mold

by Allergy Guy

Allergies can be triggered by the mold that grows on grass in the spring.  It explains why the end of the melt sucks if you’re allergic to mold.

This is related to snow mold.  Its hard to tell if its the same mold that grows in the full sun on melting snow, or a different type of mold. Either way, if you have a mold allergy, its just no fun!

Last year, I noticed much more mold growing on melting snow than this year.

This year, I’m noticing less mold on the snow, and more on the grass itself.  Actually, I hardly see it actually growing, most of what I see looks dried out and past it.  So it could be that the snow mold is nearly invisible on the snow, but quite obvious on the grass.

The fact is that the horrid looking stuff on the grass is pretty thick.

Yesterday I went out for a skate ski on what’s left of the snow, in an area nearby with slightly higher elevation, more snow, and a later melt than here in the city.

I enjoyed the ski well enough, but lacked energy.  When I got home, my muscles ached.  Later the same evening, I felt like I’d been beaten up, I had a headache, and felt irritable.

I blame it on snow mold.  Its a pretty good theory anyhow.

Today I went for a walk.  Saw lots of ugly mold on the grass.  It was nice and sunny and it was a nice little walk.  With luck the limited time outside won’t make me feel like bags of crap.

If you have a mold allergy, and the snow in your area is melting (assuming you live in an area that gets snow for much of the winter), I suggest you close the windows, shut off the fresh air intake to the furnace, and try not to go outside for two long, until all the snow has melted.

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