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Hemp Flour Disaster

by Allergy Guy

I’ve tried yet another experiment in my series of gluten-free pie shells.

This time I made a classic mistake with this wheat-free recipe.

Someone once told me that the air force has an expression: “Don’t test a new engine on a new airframe”.

Well, I did just that, pretty much.

Firstly, I just bought a ceramic pie plate – something I’ve never baked with before.

Also, I wanted a change from experimenting with quinoa flour and decided to try Hemp_Flour instead.

hemp flour is great stuff. Besides being a nutritious alternative to wheat and being gluten-free, it also mixes very nicely with butter. I was surprised at how evenly the butter mixed in with the flour. It produced a beautiful rich chocolate-brown gluten-free dough.

The dark brown colour was a double-edged sword though. I couldn’t really tell if it was well enough baked or not. And using a new type of pie plate that I was unfamiliar with made it that much worse.

Result: I burned the pie, but I didn’t even know this until hours later when I actually went to try some of this pie.

It looked fantastic, but tasted, well, burnt.

Oh well.

No recipe to report out of this. Obviously I need to make some adjustments before I can publish anything.

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