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Gluten Allergy and Soup

by Allergy Guy

If you have a gluten allergy or celiac disease, soup is often a major problem, but not always.  Here’s what to look for in gluten-free soup.

Soup is frequently off the list if you are avoiding gluten.  I always assume I can’t eat the soup when offered, especially at restaurants.  Canned soup is almost impossible, and you can forget about powdered soup most of the time.

But all is not lost, there are still plenty of gluten-free soup options!  Here’s what to watch out for, both as far as avoiding gluten-contaminated soup, and enjoying soup that is safe for you.

Gluten-Free Soup, Home Made

Home made soup of course, is your best bet, because then you know exactly what went into it.

It is popular to thicken soup for some reason.  Personally, I think this is unnecessary.

Soup can be made from almost anything.  The basics are a good stock (boil the bones of chicken, beef, turkey, etc.) for a good long time (a full day is not too long, a few hours will suffice), and you have your stock.  If using a whole chicken carcass, you’ll want to pull out all the bones.  For larger bones like marrow bones from beef, removing the bones is easy and hardly necessary.

After that, add what ever you want, especially vegetables.  It’s that easy!

Just don’t add flour, barely, wheat pasta or anything silly like that and you’ll have great soup, gluten-free!

Gluten-Free Soup, At The Homes of Friends

If your friends subscribe to the same home-made soup guidelines I just outlined above, then you’re fine.  The key thing is: don’t be afraid to ask.  If they made it from a can, don’t worry about embarrassing them nearly so much as taking care of your own health needs.  Of course you’ll want to ask them as tactfully as possible, preferably before the soup is served.

If they don’t know what’s in the soup for some reason, give it a miss.

Gluten-Free Soup, Canned

Most canned soup I have seen, nearly all of it actually, contains gluten.

For years, the only exception I knew of, in Canada at least, is Habitat brand pea soup.

Now you are likely to find brands of soup that are specifically gluten-free.  I can’t recommend any because I usually make my own, but perhaps some day I’ll check some out for you and write an article about it.  If you know of some that you like, please share your favorites, and what to avoid, in the comments section below.

Gluten-Free Soup, Powdered

I’d given up on gluten-free powdered soup completely, until someone showed me powdered miso soup, which is gluten-free, at least  the brand I saw.   Sorry, I’m not sure what brand that is now since I used it all up.  I’ll amend this article and put it in when I find it.  I’m pretty sure it was bought from a health food store.  It may be available in a Japanese food store also.

Gluten-Free Soup, Restaurants

You’ll almost always have to avoid soup in restaurants.  But ask, sometimes they surprise you with soup you can eat.

You’ll generally do well in Thai and Indian restaurants, especially Thai, but always ask.



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